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Your Body is a Battery

February 10, 2012

We constantly get the comment, “I don’t need to drink alkaline water or eat alkaline foods (low acidic foods), I am not a battery.” This is the best explanation yet on why indeed your body needs to be more like a battery.

Credit: GYMBOX

Your body is a battery or every cell in your body acts as a tiny alkaline battery that is! And pardon the pun, but you literally have to pHight your way to health!

You heard it from me first, the next health buzzword is ALKALINE and actively helping your body maintain its pH balance.

This was one of those crazy things my dad had the family doing when I was a kid growing up in California. And the latest research* shows my dad wasn’t just an organic hippie after all! (Well he still had an unforgivable 70’s perm.)

The optimal operating pH level for your blood is a narrow range of 7.35-7.45. Imagine each cell as a tiny alkaline battery. For all the cellular functions to be carrried out efficiently, cells need the right operating environment, which is just slightly alkaline.

Unfortunately most things we consume (including wheat , dairy and processed foods) in a modern western diet “process as” acidic. I say “process as ” becuase how foods affect your body’s pH depends on the byproducts resulting from consuming them. Bacteria and funguses thrive in a more acid environment while being more alkaline is regenerative and allows cleansing of toxins more easily. And becuase it is absolutely essential for blood pH to remain stable, our body will fight to the death to maintain it. In the face of consistently needing to reduce an acidic environment, it will even rob minerals from our bones.

So, here are my very easy top tips for making your body more alkaline every day:

1. a squeeze of lemon in your water bottle instead of juices or sodas. (2-4L per day)

2. replace carbs like bread and pasta with beans and legumes.

3. make sure you get 2 to even three servings of colored / green vegetables every day

Try this. I promise you will feel more energized, less blocked (cleaner feeling) and maybe even, dare I say, happier!

*A recent 7-year study that was conducted at the University of California (San Francisco), on 9,000 women showed that those who have chronic acidosis are more prone for bone loss, as opposed to those who have normal pH levels. Scientists who conducted this experiment believe that most of the hip fractures common among middle-aged women are connected to high acidity. A diet low in vegetables and rich in animal food cause this. The reason behind this is attributed to the fact that our body borrows calcium from our bones, in order to balance pH – American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

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