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Why increased dietary alkalinity matters?

August 1, 2011

The real reason Evamor Alkaline Water exists, other than great taste, is that it is the perfect form of alkalinity-on-the-go! Why is Evamor so keen on raising the awareness of increased dietary alkalinity? Because we know that excess acids, in the form of fats, sugars and preservatives, introduced by the modern (Western) diet are the known cause of most health maladies facing our country. Record obesity rates, record diabetes rates, record heart disease and cancer rates are all the result of excess dietary acids. It is only simple logic that adding more alkaline foods to your diet will help increase your overall health and help bring balance to your body’s systems. (Base by the way mentioned in the summary means alkalinity.)

The below is a summary quote from The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition:

In the United States and most Western countries, diet-related chronic diseases represent the single largest cause of morbidity and mortality. These diseases are epidemic in contemporary Westernized populations and typically afflict 50 – 65% of the adult population, yet they are rare or nonexistent in hunter- gatherers and other less Westernized people. Although both sci- entists and lay people alike may frequently identify a single dietary element as the cause of chronic disease (eg, saturated fat causes heart disease and salt causes high blood pressure), evidence gleaned over the past 3 decades now indicates that virtually all so-called diseases of civilization have multifactorial dietary elements that underlie their etiology, along with other environmental agents and genetic susceptibility. Coronary heart disease, for instance, does not arise simply from excessive saturated fat in the diet but rather from a complex interaction of multiple nutritional factors directly linked to the excessive consumption of novel Neolithic and Industrial era foods (dairy products, cereals, refined cereals, refined sugars, refined vegetable oils, fatty meats, salt, and combinations of these foods). These foods, in turn, adversely influence proximate nutritional factors, which universally underlie or exacerbate virtually all chronic diseases of civilization: 1) glycemic load, 2) fatty acid composition, 3) macronutrient composition, 4) micronutrient density, 5) acid-base balance, 6) sodium-potassium ratio, and 7) fiber content. However, the ultimate factor underlying diseases of civilization is the collision of our ancient genome with the new conditions of life in affluent nations, including the nutritional qualities of re- cently introduced foods.

Read the entire article here (downloadable pdf) …

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