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Where is the source of Evamor Artesian Water?

March 9, 2011

So many people love Evamor Natural Artesian Water – rare alkaline source – for its taste. Perhaps some of that love should be credited to its source, a source you can trust to be:

How do we assure this?

Evamor’s source is a protected artesia aquifer in Covington, Louisiana, one-half a mile underground, under tons of impenetrable rock, filtered by thousands of miles of rock in its trip to our aquifer which takes several thousands of years to arrive. Evamor’s Natural Artesian aquifer tests free of known pollutants including Tritium, a man-made radioactive isotope that marks all surface waters.

Being free of Tritium assures no surface waters – and what they may bring with them – are have violated Evamor’s aquifer and you.

Surface waters cannot be controlled for man-made pollution like Tritium and may contain anything at anytime. It is simply not possible to test for every known pollutant on the surface of the planet.

Repeated, rigorous, real-time testing also guarantees Evamor is brought to you as a naturally high alkaline water source with a pH of 8.8 to 8.9, to help you Live Acid Free.

Evamor is Artesian because the source is encapsulated and protected by impervious shale, deep in the earth. It started its journey thousands of years ago, falling as rain from an unpolluted sky, high in the Appalachian mountains. Percolating under tremendous pressure through geologic perfection, if released from the earth it would spring to the sky. Instead it’s trapped in our bottle and brought to you to enjoy everyday with confidence in purity, source and pH.

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