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What Sugar Actually Does to Your Brain and Body

June 7, 2011

This is an excellent article on sugar’s effect on the brain and body, the different types of sugars and our modern diets. In case you have not heard it before, remember that sugar is acid. And too much acid in the modern, western diet is what is wreaking havoc on our nation’s health.

Gizmodo has just published an excellent article on sugar:

Article by Adam Dachis
Published June 7, 2011

We consume an enormous amount of sugar, whether consciously or not, but it’s a largely misunderstood substance. There are different kinds and different ways your body processes them all. Some consider it poison and others believe it’s the sweetest thing on earth. Here’s a look at the different forms of sugar, the various ways they affect you, and how they play a role in healthy—and unhealthy—diets.


Adam Dachis

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