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What is so special about Evamor?

March 9, 2011

The power of Evamor Natural Artesian Water – rare alkaline source – is its naturally highly alkalinity and its preserved purity. With a naturally high alkalinity (pH of 8.8 to 8.9), Evamor water is virtually exploding with goodness for your body. With today’s diets high in acid and sugars, and lifestyles high in stress (an acid trigger), your body’s natural acid/alkaline balance becomes unbalanced. Over a period of time, drinking a naturally high alkaline water such as Evamor Natural Artesian Water – rare alkaline source, can support your body’s acid/alkaline balancing act. Problems with bone loss, blood pressure, excess body fat, Candida, indigestion, heartburn and excess acid discomfort are some of the obvious results of high acidity in your body. Bringing balance to your body’s pH helps reduce your susceptibility to such problems.

Evamor Natural Artesian Water’s high alkalinity and pureness are nature’s best kept ancient secret.

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