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What does Evamor taste like?

March 9, 2011

It’s difficult to describe how something tastes—especially when it’s water.

Explaining what Evamor Natural Artesian Water is, where it comes from, its beneficial properties and its purity, would be for nothing if the water did not taste great. We can save time trying to explain Evamor’s taste qualities by giving you the following links for adjectives—refreshing; quenching; delicious; soothing—well you get the point. With water being this good for you, and with so many healthy properties, it all sounds like the water would have an affected taste. You know like medicine or chemicals.

Let’s talk about what Evamor doesn’t taste like. It’s not sweetened. It’s not flavored. It does not taste like medicine. It does not taste like chemicals. The taste of Evamor Natural Artesian Water— rare alkaline source—is the way water was meant to be; pure, clean, refreshing, satisfying and soothing.

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