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Tips For A Know Better Cold Season

December 9, 2014

holiday-tips-insetThe weather outside may be frightful, and so is cold and flu season.

Here are some simple tips to do what you can to avoid the sniffles this winter:

Drink plenty of h2o (evamor, of course). A slight increase in water consumption can also help thin mucus, possibly easing some of that congestion.

Avoid the sugars! Extra sugar can hinder white blood cells from fighting infection.

Pick a protein, even though you aren’t hungry. Some extra protein can help your body’s organs make your cold-destroying white blood cells!

Ginger! Either chop or grate finely and enjoy! The anti-inflammatory shaogals and gingerols help relieve a sore throat quickly! It is also known to kill rhinovirus, which can be a cause of cold symptoms.

Wash your hands—a lot. No matter what line of work you’re in. Hot water, antibacterial soap, and good scrubbing are your best bet.

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