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The Nibble Online Foodie Site Reviews Evamor

February 11, 2008

Evamor proposes to be the naturally therapeutic, functional food solution for people who have heartburn/acid indigestion, blood pressure issues, low energy, headaches, backaches, weight gain, bone loss, premature aging, and low/high blood sugar. If it is starting to sound like snake oil, some people believe these conditions may link to prolonged internal acidity, or what is known medically as acidosis. Today, Evamor implies, you can “take the waters” and cure it all by balancing your internal pH. We’ll get back to this in the next section.

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Great article yet we would like to correct a few misperceptions in the article.


The doctors are correct: you cannot directly or indirectly control blood pH (acidity) or lower the stomach’s acidity when it is fully charged with hydrochloric acid without a proportionate amount of alkalinity.

Evamor is not concerned with blood pH, which is controlled, primarily, by the coordinated efforts of the brain, kidneys, lungs. It is concerned with a diet that lowers the “dietary acid load” which stresses the body in the first place. Also, mitigating stomach acid during digestion is very difficult. Where eVamor is also helpful is with relieving pain and distress before and after digestion due to residual, excess acidity.

Let’s not overlook that the stomach requires considerable amounts of water for quality digestion as well as for regularity, another function eVamor is naturally suited for. Even the production of hydrochloric acids for digestion and the essential acid neutralizing carbonates for the digestive tract depend on the minerals and water that eVamor supplies.

These are preventative dietary issues and not medical issues. Consider that the diseases that most affect the American people today are degenerative. These are indisputably linked to poor diet, an area American medicine is not suited to addressing, as evidenced by the high rates of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, stroke and so on.

According to an article published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition on the 21st Century American Diet (, evolution has not prepared us for the acidic modern western diet. Our ancestors ate a basically pH neutral diet with an emphasis on leafy green alkaline foodstuffs. eVamor is, at its essence, an alkaline food, pure and simple. It also contains antioxidants and essential key minerals for overall well being.

What the expert doctors have not discussed is the body’s need for more alkaline and less acid foods to “reduce dietary acid loading”. Too much acid raises body fluid acidity (non blood) otherwise known as extracellular and intracellular pH. The kidneys do not control these peripheral areas outside of the blood circulation but our diet does have considerable influence on this pH.

Diet can and does affect these areas over time to the detriment of bone, kidney, blood pressure, suppleness of arteries and muscle wasting and contribute significantly to a further variety of other body problems according to the findings in the 21st Century American Diet ( In a large, long term, gold standard study by the University of California at San Francisco discussed along with related studies in the respected publication Imaginis, (, regarding osteoporosis, a conclusion was the number one cause of osteoporosis, after menopause, was dietary acid. More evidence on the dangers of excess body acid and its prevention through diet as opposed to drugs that is compelling and growing.

Once again, Evamor is a food; perhaps you may view it as a preventative food. It is based on science, the basic science taught in American high schools and medical schools. Whether the students are listening, one has to wonder.

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