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Ten Daily Doses Of Love For Your Self

February 12, 2015

We like to think our bottled water and its specialness is a little bottle of love. It shows your body, your health, and your spirit, the affection and goodness it deserves.

We all know Valentine’s Day is the time of year that most people are finding ways to show someone else their love and affection. But whether you have someone who fits that description or not, it is equally important to keep yourself feeling loved, motivated, happy, and confident. You don’t always need someone else to say or do something in order to feel loved, flattered, and endeared. Take things into your own hands, throughout the year, grab a bottle of evamor, and find ways like the ones below  to show yourself a little daily dose of love. You deserve it!

Set a time to turn off your phone, computer and devices each night to focus on relaxing and reading a new book.

Practice your “positive intelligence” by focusing on your achievements and goals when you feel your doubts and inner negative talk take over.

Delegate tasks to your family or hire help for the tasks you can relinquish control over so you can focus on the things that will move you closer to your big goals.

Write your goals down on paper and put them on your refrigerator so you look at them every day.

Pick up fresh flowers on your way home.

Don’t skimp on your beauty sleep…get a full 8 hours each night.

Drink eight 8oz. glasses of water and eat at least 3-4 servings of veggies a day for energy and hydration.

Prioritize your to-do list from most important to least important so you know what to focus on first each day.

Release yourself from the guilt of answering every single phone call, email and text immediately and set aside two 30-minute intervals throughout the day to return calls and texts all at once so that your productive work isn’t interrupted.

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