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#TakeTwoTuesdays Snack Attack

October 18, 2016
The Avocado. Nature's most perfect snack!

The Avocado. Nature’s most perfect snack!

So you say you have no time to be healthy? Well, we’re here to prove you wrong…AND to help you, of course! Just a little planning at the beginning of each week can go a LONG way when it comes to making better decisions. By stocking your kitchen, pantry, fridge, office desk, car or backpack with these quick and healthy snacks, you can be make smart, nutritious decisions when hunger strikes!

Apple + Nut Butter. A classic, one of our favorites. No refrigeration required! We love the squeeze packs of almond butter that you can find in most groceries these days.  Like these from Justin’s.

Avocado. So many options here. You can mash it with a fork and spread it over crackers if you have ’em. Or cut it in half, toss a little salt & pepper in there and just eat with a spoon! Kick it up a notch with either a squeeze of fresh lime or some spicy Sriracha sauce!

Celery or Carrot Sticks with Hummus. OK, so  you need refrigeration here, but you can get the mini single-serving packs of hummus, and either slice your carrots and celery each week or buy the pre-sliced sticks!

String cheese + Nuts. Protein powerhouse!

KIND bars or LARA bars or other natural, whole food trail mix bars.

Here’s more inspiration!

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