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Staying Hydrated During Exercise

September 27, 2016

Learn more about your daily hydration needs and #KnowBetterWorkouts.

Although the exact hydration needs for an individual vary from person to person, it is recommended that you consumer half of your bodyweight in ounces per day. So, for example, a person weighing 150lbs should consume 75 ounces per day. However, a good way to measure your body’s hydration level is the color of your urine – too dark probably means you’re not hydrated enough. Staying hydrated is not only important to your overall health, but when you are exercising, it plays an even more important role. When you’re sweating it out, you need to make sure to properly replenish and hydrate your body since you’re losing water. Plus, being hydrated can help with keeping energy levels elevated to help you through a difficult workout.

It’s important to hydrate before, during and after a workout. Athletes enjoy evamor for its crisp, refreshing taste along with its high alkaline content and pH levels. evamor provides athletes (both weekend warriors and the pros) with the premium hydration their body craves before, during and after a tough workout.

“Just look at the parallels between oil in a car and water in a body—a car can’t run without car, a body can’t run without water,” says celebrity trainer Jay Cardiello, so make sure you’re sipping before, during, and after a workout. Remember to take small sips, not big gulps, which can lead to cramping when doing strenuous exercise.

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