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Recycled PET1 bottles make beautiful products

November 18, 2011

PET1-recyclingEvamor is highly conscientious of the fact that we bottle in plastic. If we could bottle Evamor in glass we would do so immediately. However, as explained in one of our other FAQ entries, there are no manufacturers of glass bottles in the USA. So a manufacturer has to import them from Mexico, Italy or China. Oy! Talk about a carbon footprint! And no, our water is not just fancy tap water bottled for the convenience of the consumer.

But seriously, people are not happy with plastic bottles and quite frankly, we aren’t either. That is why Evamor uses PET1, the most expensive plastic there is, to bottle our product. PET1 is a fancy version of polyester (yes, the kind your aunt Edna wears in pant suits) that is BPA-free and highly recyclable. If YOU are responsible and recycle (which we strongly encourage everyone to do), then recycled PET1 goes on to make fleece jackets, baseball caps and now, amazing gear for the student or professional on the go.


Visit to see the new Bonobo line of gear that is made from recycled PET1. These products are beautiful, look amazingly well made and look very well thought out. And Blue Lounge does a great job of explaining the PET1 recycling process. See graphic on the right.

Visit Blue Lounge today and pick up a piece of gorgeous gear that not only looks great, but helps the planet.

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