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Press Release: Evamor Water Shares Simple Tips to Surviving Turkey Day The Healthy Way

November 17, 2010

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Covington, La. –Nov. 17, 2010 – With Thanksgiving right around the corner, classic recipes are already being planned for the big holiday feast. Unfortunately, many turkey day favorites can upset the stomach and cause heartburn. Evamor Natural Artesian Water, newly introduced in Houston, with natural acid-fighting (alkaline) properties, has developed a list of tips to incorporate into classic Thanksgiving recipes to help families enjoy the day, minus the post-meal coma.
Evamor’s Thanksgiving Survival Tips

• Eat Before the Party Starts. Smart snacking throughout the day and eating a nutritious breakfast will control the appetite, helping to cut down on calories and prevent potential stomachaches. Start the day with a small but satisfying breakfast filled with protein or fiber to reduce the urge to pig out on the feast.
• Enjoy Smaller Portions. Loading up half of a small Thanksgiving plate with vegetable dishes is a great trick to try. Allow one of the remaining quarters for a lean meat (choose light over dark turkey to reduce fat) and the rest of the space for a starch of choice. Filling up on veggies is better for the body and will still set aside just enough room for classic turkey, casserole and potato servings.
• Cut the Fat out of Gravy. Cutting a big portion of fat and calories out of classic hearty gravy can result in a significantly healthier meal overall, as it is tradition for many to smother every dish in the savory sauce. Adding citrus brings out a lot of flavor without the need to include cream or any other fat. A good squeeze of lemon will do the trick. If citrus is not to the tastes of guests, using broth in place of milk or cream is also a lighter option.
• Have Pie and Eat It Too. Simple switches like whole-wheat pastry flour in place of white flour and using canola oil as opposed to butter can make a big difference in calories and fat without skimping on taste. Sweetened condensed milk is another popular replacement for heavy creams commonly used in sweet dishes.
• Drink Plenty of Water. Though alcohol and coffee are classic Thanksgiving staples, which would be unreasonable to cut out all together, drinking plenty of water will fill the body up and keep it properly hydrated. This can help the body dodge unwanted calories and the common sluggish feeling that follows a traditional Thanksgiving buffet.

Boasting a natural alkalinity level 140 times higher than other bottled waters, Evamor aids in combating excess acids introduced by the modern diet loaded with sugars, preservatives and fats. An alkaline diet, including Evamor, gives heartburn sufferers the freedom to enjoy “trigger” foods once again and, with a pH level at 8.8, leads to a more active and enjoyable lifestyle. A couple of servings of Evamor a day increases the amount of dietary alkalinity in the body, helping to regulate the bodily functions and creating an overall more harmonious balance and neutral body pH level.

Consumers interested in an enhancement to their already healthy lifestyle should be on the lookout for Evamor wherever other premium waters are sold. Currently, Evamor is available at most natural foods retailers and can also be found at the following locations:
• Albertsons • Minyard Food Stores
• Brookshire • Randall’s
• Brookshire Bros • Rice Epicurean
• Central Market • Sun Harvest
• Fiesta Mart • Tom Thumb
• H-E-B • United Supermarkets
• Kroger • Whole Foods

To locate more retailers and learn more about the benefits of Evamor water, please go to

*According to The pH Miracle for Weight Loss by Robert O. Young, PhD, recipes should be made with sugar alternatives, such as stevia, seed flours and non-alcohol vanilla.


Evamor Products, Inc. is a privately held company based in Covington, La. and is a new subsidiary of Reily Foods. For more information, including pH facts and additional locations where Evamor is available, please visit us on the web at

About Evamor pH levels: New Evamor is now a Natural Artesian Water that is bottled at the source in a brand new state of the art bottling plant. The natural artesian source of Evamor can fluctuate between 8.6 and 9.1 over time. Because Evamor follows all Federal, State and Local laws, the lowest pH measurement is stated on the label. Be assured that the New Evamor is the finest alkaline water available.

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