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Press Release: Evamor becomes official sponsor of Houston Texans Radio Network

August 10, 2009

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Evamor Selected As Premier Advertising Sponsor by CBS Radio Houston
New Awareness Campaign Highlights Premium Source Bottled Water to Texas NFL Fans

Covington, La., Aug. 10, 2009 – This NFL season Evamor rare artesian water is partnering with CBS Radio Houston to
generate buzz around its signature bottled water through a multi-faceted advertising campaign. The partnership with CBS
Radio Houston will highlight the higher pH level of Evamor water and how its natural alkalinity reduces acid, relieves
indigestion, fights fatigue and can improve overall health. The Houston campaign aims to drive consumers into retail
stores and is the start of Evamor’s national marketing efforts which kick-off Aug. 15.

“Evamor is excited to launch marketing efforts in Houston as the city is concentrated with health conscious customers,”
says Damion Michaels, director of marketing, Evamor. “Evamor premium source water provides an easy solution for
Texans to naturally incorporate alkaline into their everyday lives which is essential to help restore the body’s pH balance
that can be offset by diet and stress.”

As part of the CBS Radio Houston campaign, Evamor is participating in several NFL game-day advertisements and is the
exclusive sponsor of “The Water Break,” the network’s game feature. The campaign runs through January 2010.
Evamor water can be found nationally in stores where premium water is sold. For more information and store locations

Suggested retail prices for Evamor bottled water range from $0-$0 (insert price).

About Evamor
Evamor rare artisan water is drawn from an ancient source deep within the Earth that instills it with a natural alkalinity and
higher pH level than other bottled water. Alkaline helps neutralize dangerous acid in the body and restore pH balance
which is critical for body functions, resulting in more energy, less illness, healthy sleep, sound bones and teeth, longer
health during the ageing process, better circulation and healthy weight with less fat. Evamor is headquartered in
Covington, La. and its bottled water can be found nationally in stores where premium water is sold. For more information
and store locations visit

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