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MUST WATCH: All you need to know about Acid-Alkaline balance

December 2, 2011

This is by far the best video we have seen on eating acidic foods and eating a balanced diet of healthy foods with “convenience foods”. And just a voiceover note, when the narrator says “mineral water”, think to yourself Evamor Alkaline Artesian Water and mentally move the bottle over to the right a little more.

Acid vs. Alkaline: all you need to know about your body’s PH in less than 10 minutes.
Or why diet soda isn’t diet.
Via Andrea Balt
on Nov 26, 2011

Credit: ElephantJournal

Nutrition is not boring or tasteless. Nurturing yourself and taking an active part in your becoming is one the most creative and revolutionary acts, because through it, you are literally making new pieces of you, building new cells that form your body and your mind. Your brain – the place where you design the rest of your life – is also made of flesh.

“You are what you eat” is not a metaphor but a literal statement.

It’s not complicated. You can always do something, under any circumstances or excuses. And it’s never too late – until it is.

It all starts with educating ourselves and unlearning a lifetime of madness, fake food, and unconscious self-destruction.

Here’s an entertaining 9 minute video that shows you how to maintain your PH on the healthy side of town, like they never taught us in elementary school.

You can’t possibly know thyself if you don’t know thy food. You’re voting for your health and wellbeing with a fork at least three times a day and these votes add up, one way or another.

So, dear you (and dear me), start acting like the president of your body, because you are. Invest in balance and your healthcare will come free of charge – or at least cheaper, in every way.

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