evamor Bottle

Know. Better. Water.

evamor is a natural alkaline artesian water, alive with minerals that neutralize acidity and balance the body and life.

Better Water Starts At The Source

evamor is naturally filtered and pure, perfected in a rare artesian aquifer that’s protected miles below the ground, right here in the USA. Over thousands of years, mineral deposits in the aquifer have given the water its high alkalinity. Straight from the aquifer, evamor is captured and bottled right at the source.

ph alkaline power

Naturally pHenomenal

evamor water is a great-tasting alkaline artesian water, naturally 8.8 - 9.1 in pH, rich in electrolytes and mineral goodness. We don’t mess with perfection. We just bottle it. Nothing added. Nothing removed.

Know The Difference

Your body’s chemical makeup includes two extremes – acid and alkaline, measured by a factor called pH. Leading biochemists and medical physiologists agree that pH balance is the most important part of a balanced, healthy body and overall well-being. Drinking evamor is one of the simplest ways to restore that balance – because it’s alkaline-rich, naturally 8.8 - 9.1 in pH, chock-full of electrolytes and alive with minerals that neutralize acidity.