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Living that Alkaline Lifestyle

July 28, 2016
All natural evamor water

All natural evamor water

Take control over your health by following these 6 key ways to alkalize your body!

Start your day off with a generous squeeze of lemon added to your alkaline-rich evamor water, then be sure to fill your plate up with as many veggies as possible at each meal (perfect in a smoothie for breakfast!), and continue to hydrate throughout the day with evamor. Here are some guidelines for making your body more alkaline:

  1. Drink up! Drink half your bodyweight in ounces every day, and alkaline-rich evamor tastes great and helps to restore your body’s balance. 
  2. Caffeinate carefully. Put down the coffee and double up on green tea.
  3. Be sweet, naturally! Use natural sweeteners and ditch the artificial stuff
  4. Go green! Greens (organic, if possible) should be a part of every meal.
  5. Move it, move it! Dance, run, walk whatever gets you going, just be sure to really MOVE each day!
  6. Om. Daily meditation has been linked to stress reduction. 

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