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#KnowBetterBreakfast with Overnight Oats

August 1, 2016
Overnight Oats topped with Granola

Overnight Oats topped with Granola

Mornings are busy, so it’s easy to skip breakfast at home, which often leads to making a poor decision either on-the-go or at the office (hello, free donuts!). Give yourself a few extra minutes in the morning while ensuring a healthier start to your day by adding Overnight Oats to your routine! With the basic formula of rolled oats and the milk of your choice (we love almond or cashew), the options for topping are endless! We love adding fiber-rich chia seeds, which also give the oats a thicker texture, plus using natural sweeteners like honey. When you’re ready to eat them the next morning, top with two tablespoons of your favorite granola, nuts or fresh, in-season berries.

Combine your ingredients in a lidded glass jar and the next morning, you have a nutritious, satisfying and delicious breakfast that’s great on-the-go, along with a bottle of evamor and a cup of coffee!

Ready to get NON-cooking? Take a look at this article offering up 50 health Overnight Oat recipes to try.

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