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August 6, 2017

DSC_0540We have put together a few simpleSummer-to-School transition tips, inspired by PBS, to help your family’s transition from Summertime to school time as cool as a dip in the pool!

Reset your healthy eating habits. Summertime, for many, means a break from normal meals. Ice cream afternoons, soda, chips with every meal, backyard burgers…The arrival of fall and the return to a routine is a great time to re-focus your family on healthy eating. Take advantage of late-summer, in-season fruit and berries for dessert, or swap all-fruit popsicles for ice cream. Replace at least one sugary beverage each day with water, like naturally alkaline artesian evamor water. Try some new lunch and snack ideas that incorporate more raw fruits and vegetables, like these recipes created by #KnowBetterBrigade member Fully Raw Kristina.

Ease back into scheduled days. Summer can also mean late nights. To ease the transition back to an earlier bedtime, about a week before the first day of school, move bedtime routines up about 10 minutes each night, and wake children 10 minutes earlier each morning.

Stay connected to nature. Just because kids are back in school does not mean they have to be back inside all day. Enjoy an after-dinner walk, if homework schedules allow, or make time to run around outside when they return from school for a bit. Sunshine is good for you!

Make time for one-on-one time. With earlier mornings and homework and practices, it can be hard to slow down, but challenge yourself to set aside some time, even just 15 minutes per day with your child and enjoy a quiet activity together. Some ideas include story time, doing puzzles, taking a walk or taking time to cook a healthy meal together. Your child will appreciate getting your undivided attention after having to share the day with several other students.

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