ph 8.8 Alkaline Power

Great Taste And So Much More

Naturally alkaline artesian water. No harsh filters used. Nothing added or removed. evamor is great-tasting naturally alkaline artesian water that’s decidedly smooth and refreshing. But it’s more than that. It’s alkaline-rich and alive with minerals that neutralize acidity - goodness that helps balance your diet and your life.

Naturally Clean

We don’t engineer our water with pseudoscience, take it from a municipal source or concern ourselves with modern pollutants. With water that naturally pure, you don’t need to add anything. You just bottle it.

Refreshingly Smooth

Since evamor is bottled at the source, the water comes straight up from the artesian aquifer, is filtered 6 times for sediment, is filtered once through a UV light, ozonated (blasting with pure oxygen) at the last second before the cap is applied to the bottled. evamor’s great taste comes from the alkaline rich mineral blend infused in the water. The result is a delicious water that’s decidedly smooth in taste.