evamor water bottle

PH Readings

evamor’s natural pH fluctuates between 8.8 and 9.1 over time, so the pH range is printed on the label. The water drawn from our naturally alkaline artesian aquifer is continuously monitored for pH levels and confirmed quarterly by a third-party laboratory.

More About pH and Acidity

pH 8.8 Alkaline Power

We test evamor’s water source regularly in-house to monitor quality. To satisfy certain state regulations, we also send water samples to third party testing facilities for validation. If you would like to review our Finished Product & Source Analysis Reports (pH) from our third-party testing facility. Please click on one of the two links below. We will update these reports on a quarterly basis. Please note that evamor is an all-natural product and therefore you may see fluctuations in the pH range in the reports from quarter to quarter which is the reason a pH range is listed now listed on the new (2015) evamor bottle label.

2017 Evamor Finished Product Analysis

2017 Evamor Source Analysis

If you’re interested in testing evamor’s pH levels yourself at home, please read our FAQ here.