evamor water bottle

Better Water Starts at the Source

evamor is naturally filtered and pure, perfected in a rare naturally alkaline artesian aquifer that’s protected miles below the ground. Over thousands of years, mineral deposits in the aquifer have given the water its high alkalinity. Straight from the aquifer it flows, where it’s captured and bottled right at the source, here in the USA.

Bottling Facility

evamor is bottled right at the source, in our state of the art facility built directly on top of a rare alkaline artesian aquifer. A sealed system captures the water as it flows upward, placing it directly into high-grade, PET1 (BPA-free) bottles. When a bottle of evamor is opened, the water is exposed to air and human contact for the very first time.

pH Readings

evamor’s natural pH fluctuates between 8.8 and 9.1 over time, so the lowest pH range is printed on the label. The water drawn from our naturally alkaline artesian aquifer is continuously monitored for pH levels and confirmed quarterly by a third-party laboratory.

Water Quality Reports

We take it upon ourselves to continuously test our water – daily, weekly and monthly – to ensure the highest quality standards are exceeded. And our state of the art facility is monitored by State and Federal authorities to ensure full compliance with all rules and regulations. Twice a year, we perform an extensive Water Quality Test that we publish with pride.