evamor Bottle

Feel The Benefits

Alkaline-rich and alive with minerals, evamor water is a great tasting, all-natural artesian water that helps promote a better you.

  1. Detox

    Our kidney system is totally dependent upon water in order for it to work. The kidneys remove waste products from the blood, eliminate toxic substances in the urine, and receive water-soluble toxins from the liver for processing. They filter voluminous amounts of blood each day and in doing so maintain the body’s water balance and excrete toxins and excess fluid through the bladder. Daily fluid intake is essential for our bodies to function efficiently. evamor’s great taste encourages people to drink more than enough water on a daily basis to help with this complex process.

  2. Hydrate

    The body loses water through sweat, breathing and urination. Although every individual has a different level of hydration needs, the minimum daily amount is about thirteen cups for men and about nine cups for women. evamor fans love the taste of evamor and drink it all day long, thus ensuring that they exceed the daily recommended intake of water.