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Know. Better. Summer Snacks

August 18, 2016
FitBit for #fitspo & healthy snacking inspo!

FitBit for #fitspo & healthy snacking inspo!

We way to help you #KnowBetterSnacking during the hot days of summer, so we put together a list, inspired by FitBit, of some healthy and portable summertime snacks that you can throw in your bag, along with a bottle of evamor! 

One thing to note is that it’s best to pack your snacks as though you are taking off to go on a trail this summer, even though you may just be headed to a soccer game or out running errands.  Think like an outdoorsman for summer snack packing!

Trail Mix – You may be thinking oh trail mix, yum, can’t wait to throw those M&M’s in, but that’s a major no-no this summer. Instead replace the chocolate for dried cranberries or cherries. You’ll save on calories, too! 

Pretzels & Hummus – These easy-to-find items even come already packaged together, making it one step easier for packing.

Celery Sticks & Peanut Butter- If you are feeling ambitious add raisins to top this adult and kid-friendly snack time favorite!

Granola Bars – Simple. Satisfying. Aim for options with less than 6 grams of sugar to stay on the healthier side, otherwise, they can quickly become more like a candy bar!

Jerky – Opt for a grass-fed option, there is a trend of “fancy” jerky lately that makes this truck stop favorite even more appealing. 

Almond Butter & Apple – Almond butter is all the rage right now simply because it is delicious and pairs perfectly with an apple. And it is widely available in single-serving squeeze pouches, so it’s got portability “in the bag!” 

evamor – We obviously saved the best for last. Grab a 20oz or 32oz bottle on your way out the door and you are set this summer. It pays off when you know better hydration!

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