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Know Better Day-Tripping: Summer Essentials

May 15, 2015


There’s nothing like taking a summer day trip to relax, unwind and get a fresh perspective on life. Call it what you will – a staycation or a daycation – either way, we all need that time to just get away and unplug. Whether you have a favorite nearby beach, plan to picnic by a lake, or simply want to explore a charming town or festival that’s not too far away, don’t leave without the summer essentials that’ll keep you cool, hydrated and happy that you hit the road.

Sunscreen – Make sure you’ve got enough for everyone, including sunscreen for the face and sensitive skin. Don’t forget to apply to the often-neglected tops of feet and toes!
Floppy Hat – Sometimes sunscreen isn’t enough, and you just need to get the sun off of the top of your head and your face.
Bug repellent – You never know what critters will be awaiting you on your travels. When it’s dusk and you’re enjoying that gorgeous sunset, you don’t want to be swatting mosquitoes.
Cooler – Fill it with snacks, ice and plenty of evamor before you start off on your adventure. Hydration is key, especially during the summer months when sweating and alcohol consumption can take a toll on you before you know it.
Swimsuit – Seems obvious if you’re headed to the beach, maybe less so if you’re not. But don’t leave it behind. Bringing a suit lets you take a cool dip spontaneously. And when you’re hot, nothing’s better.
Beach Towel or Blanket – Make sure it’s big enough to spread out under a tree, a grassy knoll, or on a sandy spot.
Sunglasses – Easiest thing to forget but often the most wanted. Keep an extra set in the car for those occasions.
Light Clothing – Clothes that are both light in color and fabric will keep you cooler. And rash guards are lifesavers for swimmers and beach-goers who need to keep the sun off.
Umbrella – Hopefully something you won’t need or use, but it’s a just in case essential that can save the day.

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