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Incredible Weight Loss

October 11, 2004

“My story is a simple one. In October of 2003, I will estimate that I weighed nearly 350 pounds on a 5’9″ frame. I had to have a suit custom made because manufacturers don’t make suits for a person with the above dimensions. In March 2004, I began shopping at Knotts Berry Farm in Charlotte for I wanted to eat healthier and lose weight. After observing the owner of the store drinking Evamor, I inquired what type of water is that, and how did it taste. She allowed me to taste a sample of Evamor, and I immediately noticed the fresh taste. I bought a bottle that day to share with my wife, and I noticed after I finished the bottle, I felt something I don’t remember ever feeling. I felt totally hydrated. I never knew how de-hydrated I was until I begin drinking Evamor.”

“It is now October 2004 and one year after I bought that custom made suit, and just a few short months of drinking Evamor and balancing my pH, I have lost so much weight that people continually marvel at how did I accomplish such a feat. I did change my eating habits, but just as important, I changed by drinking habits. That custom made suit no longer fits and I went from a 50 waist to a 40 waist, and from triple x shirts to now a double x to single x depending on the cut. Most people estimate that I have lost nearly 100 pounds (I refuse to weigh myself, but I do have before and after pictures of myself). I look forward to writing again in 2005 when my weight is down between 185 and 220 pounds.”

Byron W.

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