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Healthier Hair at Home

October 8, 2016
Green Blender: Natural Hair Masks at Home

Green Blender: Natural Hair Masks at Home

As we head into the holiday season, we all want to make sure our best self shines through, and at evamor, we try to take a natural approach to our health and beauty regimen. The ingredient lists for these all natural DIY hair masks might sound more like your Sunday grocery list, but they deliver beautiful results for richer, healthier looking hair:

Coconut Oil – Antibacterial, anti fungal properties; super moisturizing

Avocado with Egg – Yum, right? Super softening and smoothing

Yogurt and Honey – Also YUM! Extremely moisturizing, too!

Staying hydrated is another simple, natural way to ensure your hair and skin is healthy and glowing, and with the crisp, refreshing taste of naturally alkaline evamor water, staying hydrated is easy!



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