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Give a Random Act of Kindness

December 19, 2012

Regardless of how you celebrate the holidays, tis the season for giving … of your time and of yourself. So here is the deal, with all of the talk of fiscal cliffs, layoffs, unemployment, overspending and belt tightening, American households are already watching every penny.

Americans are a generous bunch who ordinarily would give you the shirt off of their back. It is our nature. But in times of uncertainty, we naturally save what little we have. We hold back a little.

So here is a suggestion for the perfect gift this holiday season that won’t cost you anything … but a little bit of your time. Give the gift of one random act of kindness to total strangers. Or anonymously to someone you know.

You will get more of a warm feeling than if you gave an expensive gift.

Try it out. And let us know via your random act of kindness or one that you witnessed.

Happy Holidays to everyone and a prosperous New Year!

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