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Getting Back On Track After A Binge

June 18, 2015


It happens to all of us. Maybe you went on vacation and your motto was “dessert after every meal”, or maybe you just made it through birthday season (three family birthdays in less than two weeks?!) Whatever the reason for your binge, the first thing to do is forgive yourself. There’s nothing to be gained by internal name-calling and punishment. It’s time to treat yourself with compassion, both mentally and physically, and realize that there are bigger, more important things to occupy your thoughts. Once you’ve forgiven yourself for being human, you can move on to the following self-care steps that’ll get you back on a healthy track.

1) Put away the scale. Getting on a scale at this point can be defeating and discouraging and make you feel like you’ve lost all your progress towards healthy goals, which probably isn’t true. (Remember, stop punishing yourself.)

2) Hydrate. You know the drill – hydrating will help your digestion, flush toxins, battle carb and sodium bloat, and help with any post-binge constipation. Drinking water also keeps your mouth occupied and your stomach from feeling hungry.

3) If sugar is your trigger food, eliminate all added sugar from your diet. Fresh fruits are fine, and guess what – you might even discover that after a few days without refined sugar, fruit tastes pretty darn sweet.

4) Don’t skip meals. Eat clean whole foods, and plan a week’s worth of healthy meals that balance protein, fiber-filled carbs and fat. You’ll feel refreshed instead of starved.

5) Reach for healthy snacks that are high in protein, to help you feel full. Try plain Greek yogurt with fresh fruit, turkey slices with avocado, or a hard-boiled egg.

6) Move more every day. In addition to getting back to your regular workouts, walk more. You’ll feel better and burn more calories.

7) Get a solid 7-9 hours of sleep a night. It will reduce your stress level, and studies show that when you’re well-rested, you’re more able to show restraint in your diet.

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