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For the Children, By the Children: 9 Kid-Friendly Recipes for Kids

September 10, 2016
Kids in the Kitchen

Kids in the Kitchen

Although the idea of welcoming your kids into the kitchen – much less letting them assist with the cooking – might not seem all that intriguing, getting little ones involved with healthy cooking and baking at an early age can instill in them a love of healthy foods and a more adventurous appetite! Introduce youngsters to more exotic flavors from international recipes, and add vegetables to comfort foods to increase their health factor. This roundup from Real Simple magazine includes nine kid-friendly recipes PLUS dinnertime conversation ideas! Our faves? Sweet Potato Lasagna and the Nutella Raspberry Bites.
Good health goes beyond what’s on the plate, so don’t forget about what’s in their cup as well. Kids will enjoy the crisp, refreshing, mineral-rich taste of evamor, but if they are longing for sugary juices, try infusing their water with fresh, cut-up, in-season fruit!

So, cheers to more healthy family dinners, and tell us how you get your kids excited about healthy eating!

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