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Five diet tips for improving your body’s pH and becoming more alkaline

August 11, 2011

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Your body’s pH balance is an extremely important measure of what is going on inside you, from the size and flow of your blood cells to the quality of your skin and your digestion. This may sound extreme, but it is important for your body to find its natural balance — before a whole range of health problems and diseases creep their way into your life.

There is good news, though: in making the right diet and lifestyle choices, you have control over your body’s pH.

A little background info on pH
Your body is measured on a scale of “potential hydrogen” or pH. When your pH level is low (one to six on the pH scale) your body is considered to be in an acidic state. When your pH levels are high ( eight to 14 on the pH scale) your body is considered to be more alkaline. In order to reach an optimum level that is considered healthy or neutral, you want your pH to be around seven.

What causes high acid levels:
Stress, tension

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