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Fast Fitness

September 8, 2016
Fast Fitness Tips

Fast Fitness Tips

We get it, you’re busy. But setting aside a little bit of time each day, even just 10 minutes, is one of the best “baby steps” you can take toward a healthier life. You already make it a habit to eat well and drink more water like alkaline-rich evamor to nourish your body and bring balance to your diet but in addition to diet, exercise is SO important to your overall wellbeing. Even if you can’t fit in a long sweat session everyday, exercising for just 10 minutes will help burn extra calories, tone your body and give you that energy boost your body needs. Here are some of our favorites:

Parenting Magazine and POPSUGAR Fitness share their favorite full-body workout routines that you can complete in just 10 minutes!

We also love this “couch workout” from POPSUGAR Fitness, so be sure to bookmark this for your Netflix binges!

No weights? No problem! evamor is a wonderful hydrator before, during and after your workout, but you can also use our bottles (in 20oz, 32oz and 64oz sizes) in place of hand weights with this water bottle workout!

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