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Evamor starts a “Please don’t follow us on Twitter” campaign

July 8, 2011

In an interesting story that sounds like it comes right out of the web site, Evamor today embarked on a campaign to try and dissuade Evamor Water and Alkaline foods lovers to not follow them on Twitter (at

The thinking goes like this. No one follows brands on Twitter unless they are giving away things, holding events, or holding contests. The biggest Twitter followings are for music, film, sports and other types of celebrities. Since we at Evamor can’t sing, act or play sports, we just don’t see Evamor Water getting a huge following on Twitter.

Oh sure we at Evamor believe that alkaline foods and our naturally alkaline artesian water is a huge deal. We at Evamor believe that the modern, Western diet is wreaking havoc on the health of millions. But come on, can we really compete with the $.99 menus of the world? (Well yes, can you find our 20oz bottle of super alkalinity on the go for $.99 at various retailers) But we just aren’t sexy. So ….

We at Evamor just decided to have fun with Twitter. Tweet nonsense. It can’t be worse that most of the stuff out there. And if at the end of the day, we make someone smile, then perhaps you won’t mind trying Evamor or giving it as a gift to someone you love.

Life causes stress and stress causes acid and acid causes discomfort and other health problems. Evamor relieves acid. See not that sexy.

So don’t follow us on if you don’t want to smile.

Evamor recently started an Encounter Goodness campaign to promote Alkaline Goodness and perform random acts of corporate kindness. Share your stress story at ENCOUNTERGOODNESS.COM and Evamor just might bring more relief than what we deliver in a bottle.

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