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evamor Q&A Sessions – Robin Barnes

December 30, 2020
Robin Barnes with evamor Alkaline Water

Robin Barnes is a busy woman. Not only is she an accomplished and talented crossover contemporary jazz singer, but she’s also community fitness leader, New Orleans influencer and ambassador, a mother, and one of the most positive people you will ever meet.

After encountering health issues, Robin vowed to take control of her health and eventually founded Move Ya Brass, a fitness community and lifestyle group that promotes creating a healthy community of people from all walks of life in New Orleans. The Move Ya Brass classes reflect their founder’s personality — positive, high energy, and packed with music.

Robin is an important part of the evamor family, and we were excited to sit down to ask her a few questions about how she stays so positive during her health journey and why she continues to keep evamor a part of her daily routine.

Not only are you an accomplished singer, but you’re also a fitness and community leader, influencer, mother, and so much more… where do you find the energy and drive to keep all of your ventures moving forward?

“I am constantly driven by my passion to do what I love which is music and continue serving my community which is through MYB. Surviving a life altering health issue, I’ve found myself continuously wanting to make a difference to my world everyday. Also, to make the most of everyday.”

People who see you perform or meet you talk a lot about your positivity — how do you keep that positive attitude, even when times are tough, and why do you think that’s important in order to lead a happy and healthy life?

“Mindset is everything. I’ve learned first hand, thoughts are things. When I was recover from my kidney issue, I saw how much positivity and hope affected me verses being negative. I found myself less motivated and productive if i was focused on the negative. Sticking to finding the good, the positive is a challenge but so is life. Why not make the most of it and make it a happy and healthy one?! :)”

You decided to lead a healthier lifestyle due to medical problems earlier in life. Why do you continue to keep evamor a part of that daily healthy routine?

“Water is SOOO important to my kidneys. It’s either water or mocktails for me. Ha. I get dehydrated easily especially before I started drinking Evamor. Now I’ve find myself more hydrated than compared to other waters. I look forward to drinking it, it smooth taste to it. Not to forget, the benefits of it being alkaline water. Evamor was a lifesaver when I was pregnant, it helped a lot with acid reflux.”

You took your drive to live a heathy lifestyle and that positive energy that you’re known for and created Move Ya Brass. Why do you think people have been so receptive to that combination — exercise and positivity?

“I think the story of how this movement started is why people come to check it out. I know they feel once they meet us is why they stay and join our krewe/ family. Our motto is “getting you off the sideline and into the second line”. My health journey came from something negative and I turned it to a positive. Only through motivation from my family and those first MYBers who joined me from one Facebook post asking people to run with me. I experienced how movement always made me feel better. It grew from there from our Southshore and Northshore run/walk group to our dance cardio classes to our mediation and movement classes – the focus is moving, music and having fun.

I had to make the hard choices to change my lifestyle for my health, but I’m still a New Orleanian. We have a fun, loving life nature not matter what. So I wanted Move Ya Brass to be a positive and fun space where people felt loved, accepted and a part of something bigger than themselves. We motivate each other. Our saying at our Monday run/walk group is “ You come as a stranger but you leave as family”. Everyone from our walkers, runners, dancers, trainers, coaches all truly believe that wholeheartedly. (I’m a singer of course I’m going to have mantras throughout our classes and runs hehe). Move Ya Brass is a community of such diversity and yet everyone believes in each other and living a healthy and happier life. So come #MoveYaBrass with us!”

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