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evamor Q&A Sessions – Olivia Carisella

January 25, 2021
evamor Q&A Sessions – Olivia Carisella

When you meet Olivia Carisella (, the first thing you’ll notice is her upbeat personality. Her unlimited energy and positive attitude come together to create the perfect formula for a successful fitness instructor.

While on the gymnastics team at the University of Alabama, Olivia was a NCAA Champion Gymnast in 2011 and 2012. During those long hours spent in the gym, she fell in love with music-driven workouts. After graduating with a B.S. in Food and Nutrition, she pursued a Dietetics Internship at Oakwood University, and even found the time to teach classes at a boutique fitness studio in New Orleans, Louisiana.

In November 2020, Olivia launched her very own online streaming fitness platform, Olivia C. Fit. Based on her love of music and mood-boosting workouts, her streaming platform offers a fun and challenging alternative to the typical gym session.

Olivia is an important part of the evamor family, and we were excited to sit down to ask her a few questions about her career in health and fitness, and why she continues to keep evamor a part of her daily routine.

You created Olivia C Fit recently, an online streaming fitness service that users can access anywhere. What was the inspiration behind that idea?

“In March of 2020 I created the Instagram account @OliviaC.Fit where I started doing daily LIVE workouts to sweat, connect and briefly escape our current pandemic reality with my friends and clients in New Orleans. Our virtual community grew faster than expected and this is when we got the inspiration for the OliviaC.Fit streaming platform, a virtual studio providing quick, fun, and effective at-home workouts you can do anywhere/anytime.”

As a former NCAA Champion gymnast for the University of Alabama, you must’ve spent a lot of hours in the gym. Is this when your love for fitness really began?

“As a NCAA Champion gymnast I learned the importance of dedication and perseverance to health and wellness. Honestly, I fell in love with fitness when I realized I could combine my passion for health and wellness to inspire others and make a change.”

Now a professional fitness instructor, do you think proper hydration is necessary for a workout?

“Absolutely! The only way to live your most optimal life is by being properly hydrated and I have always been a strong believer in alkaline water to do so. Staying hydrated increases energy, improves blood circulation, and boosts performance during exercise. My advice to clients for staying properly hydrated is to drink half an ounce of water for each pound you weigh, daily.”

How has drinking evamor enhanced your daily routine?

“I was lucky to grow up in a house with an alkaline water filtration system and when I was a gymnast at Alabama the first thing our trainer taught us was the importance of staying hydrated and the second was how to use their alkaline water filtration system. Since adding evamor to my daily routine I have noticed an improvement in my hydration, energy levels and sleep quality. evamor’s unique taste makes drinking water so much easier.”

With your background in dietetics, do you think nutrition will have a future role in services you offer to clients?

“YES! I’m so excited to be adding a nutrition portion to our streaming platform! Clients will have access to recipes, health tips, and more. I’m a big believer in input/output and everything we put in our bodies has a large impact on our fitness and I’m looking forward to sharing my dietetic knowledge with our streamers.”

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