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evamor Q&A Sessions – Elizabeth Lyons

February 25, 2021
evamor Q&A session with Elizabeth Lyons

Ever since she was young, Elizabeth Lyons loved music and grabbed every opportunity to be immersed in it. She played piano, joined her church’s choir, participated in 18 musicals (yes, you read that number right) and would even put on musical shows in her backyard. Little did she know that her hard work and persistence back then would take her to the stages she would perform on today. 

After moving to Nashville, interning at a music publishing company and graduating from Vanderbilt, Elizabeth released her first EP. It went on to top iTunes charts and became an Album All-Time Bestseller. As her popularity grew, she became a rising star in the country music community and began opening for numerous country super stars like Florida Georgia Line, Blake Shelton, Luke Bryan, Sam Hunt and more.  

Her life hasn’t slowed down since. She’s now recording a new album with a central message of inspiring and empowering people through her lyrics. Check out her music here:

Elizabeth has been a part of the evamor family since the beginning, so a Q&A was long overdue! Read on to learn about her travels, touring and more. 

Being a singer, your voice is your main instrument. How important is staying hydrated while on tour? Do you have any tips on keeping your vocal cords ready-to-go show after show?

Staying hydrated is everything when I’m on tour! My voice is my instrument and is a muscle, so I must make sure I’m constantly drinking water throughout my day. I love evamor because it goes down so smoothly and is easy to drink it just taste better than other water. In the beginning of my career, I played a festival opening for several artists like Sam Hunt, Lady A, Hunter Hayes, Granger Smith, Kip Moore, Eric Church three days in a row and had hour long meet & greets after my performances and I lost my voice. I wasn’t taking care of my voice or hydrating and ever since then I make a conscious effort to take care of it. I recommend carrying a water bottle with you wherever you go. I always have water on hand or in my bag. Before boarding a flight, I make sure to have a water bottle and drink it while in the air. If you feel like you’re losing your voice I recommend throat coat tea or warm water, lemon and honey do the trick.

When you’re traveling and tasting delicious dishes from all over the country, are you able to keep a healthy routine? If so, how?

I’ve always lived by the everything in moderation approach. Being on the road it’s sometimes hard to find healthier options so I tend to try to eat til I’m full mentality I never overeat. If I’m craving something I just take a few bites of it. When I’m not touring, I try to eat healthy at home, so it weighs out the bad on the road. But honestly when I’m on the road I rarely have time to eat so the few chances I get to eat a meal I’m usually starving because I haven’t eaten. At a festival sometimes, I’ll walk 5 to 10 miles in a day so I’m burning calories without even realizing it. 

Your Instagram bio says that you’re a “bagel connoisseur.” What’s your favorite type of bagel and toppings?

Everything Bagel toasted with scallion cream cheese… Murrays Bagel in New York is my go-to favorite but recently I shot the Prove It Music Video in NYC and I tried Brooklyn Bagel which was amazing too! When I go on road its fun to try and find new restaurants! I’m such a foodie so I like the challenge. I started a #BagelTour because evidently people like to watch me eat and rate bagels haha! Stool President was the inspiration for this.

Your music always seems to have an upbeat and positive feel. Is that a reflection of your outlook on your everyday life? How do you keep that positive attitude?

Thank you! Yes, I try to put a ray of sunshine or hope into each song while also trying to always keep it real! I start my day looking at a quote from the Church I grew up going to called Kenilworth Union Church Day by Day it has inspirational quotes and bible verses that always seem to connect with me. Then I make a to do list so simplify what I need to do. The to do list helps to make it feel like I’m accomplishing things and working toward a goal. I do a form of exercise everyday even if its just going for a walk or doing a few squats. I try to surround myself with people who have a positive outlook as well like my family who I talk to everyday.

Outside of your music career, you’re known to be an active person. What’s your go-to activity to stay fit lately?

I walk a lot it’s a good time for me to listen to music I’ve written or recorded and new music that’s released. It’s also a great way to catch up with friends and family. I also love doing at home workouts like Melissa Wood, Sculpt Society, OliviaC Fit, Daur Power, and Shannon Nadj! I as of lately like to mix it up depending on my mood for the day.

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