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evamor Q&A Sessions – Becky Fos

December 18, 2020
evamor Q&A Sessions - Becky Fos

A New Orleans resident by way of Austin, Becky Fos is a bit of a Renaissance Woman. An everyday mom, Becky is a popular artist in the Big Easy with a streak of burning creative rivaled only by her daily goal of living a healthy lifestyle.

Becky’s work is a force in a city known for its creativity. Her art – which can be found in Becky Fos Gallery on famous Magazine St. – is a charismatic reflection of the bold energy and exuberant spirit that naturally emanates from the pores of all that is the lifeblood of New Orleans.

We had a chance to ask Becky a few questions about her work as an artist and her drive to live a healthy lifestyle:

Your artwork brings positivity and beauty into your fans’ lives, but what does the act of painting do for you — what drove you to start painting?

“I love to create on my canvas more than ever right now. It serves as an escape from what’s going on in the world with the global pandemic. Painting has been very therapeutic lately and I really enjoy getting lost in very vibrant and bold colors!”

Where do you draw inspiration from for your art? A lot of your work showcases nature — does that come from your active lifestyle? Are you often active in nature?

“Animals and nature have always been two of my favorite muses. I begin every morning with something active, whether it’s a light jog in City Park or cycling at the Lakefront which also serves as my ‘me time’. While doing that, I gain an endless amount of inspiration all around me!”

If painting helps you relieve stress mentally and emotionally, do you think it’s important to have a physical/exercise component to help with that stress also? How do you accomplish that?

“I believe that my active lifestyle directly affects my art and helps me mentally focus positively. That’s why I begin everyday by heading outside to activate my endorphins which in return activates my creativity. I’m competitive by nature, so of course I love being outdoors.”

What drew you to evamor and how does it complement your creative and active lifestyle? Why do you continue to recommend evamor to your friends and followers?

“Hydration is always key, especially during these times where sickness surrounds us. I’ve always known about the health benefits of alkaline, therefore evamor has always been my number one choice of water. I love to surround myself with good, positive people and fellow creatives to help with my mental strength and healthy lifestyle. I am a big fan of Evamor and I definitely know better water.” 

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