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EH: Melissa Etheridge – The Western Diet is Killing Us

October 3, 2011

Acclaimed singer/songwriter and breast cancer survivor, Melissa Etheridge, tells her experience with breast cancer and her discovery of the benefits of the alkaline diet.

This is a must read article from a cancer survivor who through her own experiences found a diet regimen that works for her. The overall point is to stop loading your body with acidic foods.



[This type of chemo] completely turns the body to acid, and that’s when I first started learning about balance. I’d had gastrointestinal problems forever. I didn’t understand that I was out of balance. It’s scientific: We have an alkaline/pH balance in our bodies. You will be out of balance with chemotherapy.

I went on the Internet and googled acid and alkaline. There’s been a few books written, but no one has really come up with an exact answer because a person’s acid/alkaline balance has to do with their own body. But there are foods that definitely produce acid, like red meat, processed food, and dairy. So I cut all of that out, and when I was on chemo I ate purely alkaline foods, which are fruits — especially citrus fruits — vegetables, potatoes, and avocado. I would drink lemon water all day long — it’s like Pepto-Bismol in your stomach!

Once you realize how powerful food is, that it can make you better when you come out of the chemo, you want to stay balanced. Instead of eating 70 percent acid, it’s 70 percent potatoes, avocados, asparagus, fruits, and these types of wonderful things. Then you realize, I can have that hot-fudge sundae with my kids every couple weeks and it’s not going to hurt me. It’s about balance. I don’t do without anything — I love it all! I just don’t do it every day.

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