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May 5, 2016
#KnowBetterCelebrations with these healthier Margarita recipes

#KnowBetterCelebrations with these healthier Margarita recipes

‘Tis the season for Summertime sipping, starting with margaritas on Cinco de Mayo and moving right along into Saturday’s Kentucky Derby, not to mention all of the festivals, weddings, showers, parties and long summer evenings ahead! At evamor, we know that what you drink matters. And while alkaline-rich water is best for your body, we understand that sometimes you just want something a bit more exciting! So we were pleased to see that our friends at put together a list of  healthier margaritas to enjoy during your Cinco de Mayo celebrations, and all summer long! Oh, and don’t forget our #KnowBetter tip: Make sure you drink at least a full glass (80z.) of evamor water in between each alcoholic drink!

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