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Dr. Oz visits New Orleans, WWL-TV

October 14, 2011

HealthCorps, founded by Dr. Mehmet Oz, launches its program in New Orleans with the help of its Official Water Sponsor Evamor Natural Artesian Water. What is constantly missing below is the company name that made this day possible – EVAMOR. So every time you read an entry below, just insert EVAMOR.

We had a crew, including WWL-TV’s medical reporter Meg Farris, follow Dr. Oz around the city when he came to visit on Friday.

Here are the Tweets describing his visit:

9:57 WWLTV: @DrOz is in town visiting schools, touring 9th Ward, hosting fundraiser #OzinNOLA

10:02 WWLTV: @DrOz is testing the food at N.O. Charter Science and Mathematics High #OzinNOLA

10:05 WWLTV: @DrOz loves “Sci High” chicken. He says he wants the recipe so he can serve his crew in the studio

10:17 MFarrisWWL: With @DrOz at Sci High. I was so excited when he leaned over and kissed me after remembering me from our coverage of him in New York!

10:22 WWLTV: Obesity rate for children and teens in Louisiana is almost 50% #OzinNOLA

10:26 WWLTV: @DrOz advises students at Sci High to audit their parents fridge when they get home #OzinNOLA

10:31 WWLTV: Dr. Oz gets everyone in the auditorium to practice daily exercise – the whole room was doing squats! #OzinNOLA

10:37 MFarrisWWL: @DrOz tells students the dangers of smoking and eating unhealthful foods

10:42 MFarrisWWL: @DrOz signs autographs and interacts with students after his presentation #OzinNOLA

11:36 WWLTV: @DrOz is visiting the 9th ward to see a ‘Make It Right’ model home #OzinNOLA

11:36 MHossWWL: Dr. Oz will be with us today at 5:00 joining us on set for the 5:00 news…after spending the entire day touring New Orleans..check us out

11:46 WWLTV: @DrOz greets a family displaced after Katrina that now lives in a “Make It Right” home in the 9th Ward #OzinNOLA

11:52 WWLTV: @DrOz performs an “intervention” on the woman’s fridge as she gives him a tour of her house #OzinNOLA

12:15 MFarrisWWL: @DrOz listens to the journey this woman took from August 29, 2005 to today. His shirt was a gift from her #OzinNOLA

12:27 WWLTV: @MFarrisWWL interviews @DrOz about his health and wellness movement. Catch the story tonight at 10

12:34 WWLTV: @DrOz: “People of Louisiana are very special. They deserve to be a healthier state.” #OzinNOLA (La. in top worst states for obesity)

1:10 WWLTV: @DrOz stopped at the Covenant House for lunch with New Orleans health officials #OzinNOLA

2:05 MFarrisWWL: @DrOz Live on our 5pm newscast. What a genuine, caring person. He really wants all of us in NOLA to have the best most healthful life.

2:07 WWLTV: @WWLAMFM: Don’t miss Dr. Oz on the Spud Show at 3:10 to talk ideas to improve fitness in #NOLA schools” Then he’s on set with us, live at 5

2:09 MFarrisWWL: @DrOz cleaned out fridge of lower 9th ward lady,said we need to get rid of fatty sausage! She replied,”But that’s for my red beans & rice!”

2:35 MFarrisWWL: @DrOz “People don’t change what they do based on what they know, they change what they do based on what they feel deep inside of them.”

4:47 WWLTV: Dr. Oz just stopped by the newsroom before his appearance on our 5 p.m. newscast: Tune in at 5 for more!

4:54 Laura_Buchtel: Dr.Oz is in our newsroom, about to be on @wwltv 5pm news live! So jealous I’m not there 🙁

4:55 WWLTV: Dr. Oz gives Mike Hoss health tips LIVE on our set during the 5 p.m. news.

7:33 WWLTV: @DrOz gets cocktail named after him at HealthCorp fundraiser he is co hosting – called the “Emerald City”

10:37 WWLTV: Dr. Oz in N.O. says we’re in charge of our own healthy destinies

Posted on October 14, 2011 at 9:40 AM
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