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CBS News: How to avoid Holiday Heartburn

November 29, 2011

Last slide is the best. We say Evamor mineral water but okay. You can read the rest of the information if you like.

How to end the meal

If you’ve made smart choices so far, don’t get tripped up by the beverages or after-meal choices. In fact, choosing to drink alcohol or caffeinated beverages may trigger heartburn no matter what you eat.

The National Heartburn Alliance recommends mineral water as your safest bet; even nonalcoholic wine or beer can pose an intermediate risk. When choosing dessert, avoid chocolate (apple pie may be your best bet), and don’t follow your meal with a cigarette – a well-known heartburn trigger.

A post-meal walk is probably better than a nap, and when you do hit the pillow, make sure to sleep with your head elevated 6 to 8 inches to curb acid reflux.

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