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Brush Up

July 17, 2016
Add brushing to your healthy routine

Add brushing to your healthy routine

Your teeth and your hair aren’t the only things you should be brushing… you should be brushing your skin, too!

If you’ve been dreaming of having tighter, toned skin then say hello to our little friend, the dry brush (which even helps your body detox). Who knew a simple brush could provide so many benefits? These days, we are surrounded by many environmental toxins on a daily basis, so every little step we take to undo their negative effects can make a huge difference. Keep your body, including your skin, hydrated. Drinking alkaline-rich evamor, with its natural pH range of 8.8-9.1, is a great way to help restore your body’s balance. Another option to add to your daily routine is dry brushing.

The kind folks at The Chalkboard do a great job of breaking down the right (and wrong) ways to use your dry brush and receive the most benefits from it by brushing the right way! These benefits include:


-Improved circulation

-Improved skin tone

-Smoother Brighter skin

-Opening and cleansing pores

Need we say more? Now, get brushing the toxins away!

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