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Brown Bag or Bento: How to #KnowBetterBackToSchool

September 11, 2016
Make Lunchtime more Exciting!

Make Lunchtime more Exciting!

Classic lunch combos like PB&J are great and all, but as we all settle into the “Back to School” swing of things, we long for some lunch ideas that are healthier and more exciting! Ensure your little ones stay hydrated during their school day by including a bottle of evamor with their lunch (a healthier option than sugary juice or sports drinks), and make sure to add a straw for simple sipping! We pulled some of our favorite ideas from around the ‘net to inspire you!
Here are four healthy and fun Bento Box style lunch combinations to try for more adventurous eaters.
Want to really think outside the (lunch)box? Goop shares lunchtime favorites that chefs pack for their kiddos. We love the advice about freezing smoothies so they thaw out by lunchtime!

Do you have a favorite lunchroom go-to? What are your favorite ways to make your kids’ lunches healthier?


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