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Are you balanced?

March 25, 2012

Or you could just drink an all natural alkaline artesian water. Like Evamor.

By Caty Millburg- Nutrition Expert

How much pure water do you get a day? Chances are it is not enough to keep your body at full functionality. In fact, water makes up for more than half of the body’s weight. Body water acts in many areas of the body including lubricating joints, removing wastes and toxins, transports nutrients and oxygen, controls heart rate and blood pressure, protects organs and tissues, and creates saliva.

The body loses water daily through sweat, breathing, defecation, and urination. Although every individual has a different level of hydration needs, the minimum is about 13 cups for men and about 9 cups for women of water daily. Water can be found in many different beverages, however, some of the beverages can act as much as a diuretic (stimulating additional urination) as they do a hydrator. Straight water is a much better option than any of the other types of beverages out there. Additionally, pH balanced water has additional benefits for those concerned about increasing all areas of their health. Did you know that even most bottle waters are slightly acidic?

Why does it matter what the pH of the water you’re drinking is? Our bodies function better when our blood stream is at a neutral pH, however most of the things we are eating and drinking are considered acidic. When our bodies are acidic we do not have the ability to carry oxygen to all areas of the body, especially our brain. This causes us to feel fatigued and sluggish. We can also do harm to organs and tissues when we live in a state of chronic acidity. When the blood stream is acidic, the bones begin to release calcium in attempt to neutralize the blood stream. This causes the bones to demineralize and can lead to osteoporosis when left untreated.

Another reason it is a good idea to continually balance your body’s pH is that it is our body’s main source of expelling any waste or toxins. When the body is continually fed acidic foods and beverages, it builds up a lot of free radicals. Free radicals are negatively charged electrons floating around in the system and can contribute to tumor growth. When you continually hydrate with slightly alkaline water, the positively charged hydrogen atoms will bind with the free radicals and allow the body to remove them naturally. This is important for preventing many types of diseases including prevention of cancerous tumor growths. There are several types of foods that can have a similar effect.

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