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About Us

At evamor, we believe a better you starts with a better water. When you start with something so right, like water from a rare artesian aquifer, perfected by nature over thousands of years for a great taste that’s rich in natural alkaline and mineral goodness, our job is easy. We simply bottle it.

Get to know a better water, and you’ll get to know a better more better you.

What’s Inside the Bottle Counts

Flashy bottle? Fancy label? A celebrity to hold it? We know better. At evamor, we believe what's inside the bottle really counts: all-natural, high-alkaline artesian water, with a pH range of 8.8 -9.1, and alive with rich minerals and electrolytes. evamor is full of alkaline goodness that helps balance your body and life.

Naturally pHenomenal

We believe in bottling a better water. evamor water is a great-tasting alkaline artesian water, naturally 8.8 - 9.1 in pH, rich in electrolytes and mineral goodness. We don’t mess with perfection. We just bottle it. Nothing added. Nothing removed.

A Better You Starts with a Better Water

Everyone’s life is different...we know that. And life is full of choices: exercise routines, diets, goals, resolutions, commitments. But everyone needs water.

And we believe something as simple as drinking a better water can lead to better things.

Take a sip in the right direction, make a change in the water you drink, and harness the power of alkalinity and minerals to balance your diet and your life. At evamor, we believe a better you starts with a better water.