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3 Reasons To Choose evamor Artesian Alkaline Water

December 18, 2020
3 Reasons To Choose evamor Artesian Alkaline Water

Everyone knows it, but we should all strive to drink more water. The advantages of staying well hydrated on a daily basis are already well documented, but with an overly-saturated water market, it’s difficult to choose one water brand. So what makes us different, you ask? Read on to find out.

1) evamor is a natural acid reducer.

Americans are eating more and more “ultra-processed” foods, which tends to also be ultra-acidic. We know from multiple studies that an ultra-acidic diet can have major long-term negative effects on your health. Nearly everything we eat on the go is loaded with one or all of the dietary acids – sugars, preservatives and fats. It’s important to start with adopting an alkaline diet by eating more leafy green vegetables, fresh fruits and nuts while reducing the sugars, preservatives and fats. Then, water comes into play. 

Pay close attention to what you are drinking. Even some bottled waters can be acidic. That means, even if you are drinking more water and keeping yourself hydrated, you could be introducing more acid load on your body. Drinking evamor alkaline water with a naturally high pH is a good way to make sure you are reducing your daily acid intake. 

2) It comes from a pristine natural source.

Our naturally alkaline water only comes from one place on Earth. We pull it directly from a protected (sealed) artesian aquifer one-half mile down in the earth. The water is literally never touched by man when you open your bottle.

3) It comes from a pristine natural source.

The number one thing we hear from our consumers is about evamor’s great taste. It’s clean, smooth, and has a great mouth feel. 

Quality is key to us. Our state-of-the-art bottling facility consistently receives top grades for food safety and has been recognized for its excellence in manufacturing. It only takes about 10 minutes for the natural water to come out of the sealed aquifer and be sealed in your bottle.

We’ll let the water speak for itself. Grab a bottle and let us know what you think. Find evamor in a store near you or shop online!

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