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20 Resolutions for a Know. Better. Year.

January 14, 2015

20 Resolutions for a Know. Better. YearIt’s the time of year we all think about what we want to do differently in the year ahead.

We believe sometimes the smallest steps and changes that you wouldn’t think could, can have a big impact…for instance, changing the water you drink.

Our creed this year is to focus on the small, simple, and manageable things that can, one by one, put us on the path to better.

Set realistic goals this year… Ones you can keep and accomplish.


Check out our Know.Better. Resolutions. below. Pick one, some, or all, and take a step in the right direction…towards a better you.

1. Incorporate yoga into your workouts at least once a week

2. Hydrate – drink 8 8-oz. glasses of water every day

3. Try a quick workout routine at home, like 30 pushups, 30 squats and 30 situps at night before bed

4. Do 10 minutes of meditation each morning

5. Substitute agave for your sugar substitute

6. Take the staircase instead of elevator/escalator

7. Sub your vending machine snack for fruit, almonds, a piece of cheese or yogurt

8. Pack your lunch the night before to ensure eating healthier and saving money

9. Get up 15 minutes earlier each day to give yourself time to make a healthy breakfast

10. Try switching from coffee to tea. Coffee addict? Try subbing tea twice a week

11. Screening Oscar-nominated movies? Bring your own Popcorn & almond mixture from home.

12. Introduce a daily vitamin or omega 3 supplement into your diet

13. Share your resolutions with a friend to keep each other accountable

14. Take an hour over the weekend to unsubscribe from all those pesky email lists

15. Clean out your closet & refrigerator for a clearer mind; toss anything you haven’t worn in the past year and everything that is expired

16. Invest in simple Thank You stationery and take the time to write handwritten letters for those thoughtful gifts you received over the holidays. You’ll be surprised by how good it makes you feel!

17. Give someone a genuine compliment every day

18. Try a new heart-healthy/gluten-free or raw recipe once a week

19. Take advantage of the winter and try those healthy soup recipes that have been flooding your Pinterest newsfeed. They’re often packed with veggies and come with plenty of leftovers

20. Switch your beer for a glass of red wine for extra antioxidants



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