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10 Reasons why you don’t have an ideal body

July 19, 2011

Pay attention to Item number 3.

From the India Times online:

A brother-sister team has revealed the top ten things that keep people from attainting their ideal body shape and weight.

Dian Griesel, Ph.D. (Nutrition) and Tom Griesel spent 30 years working with scientific researchers while continuously experimenting with various diets, and found certain things that stop people from maintaining their diets.

“The best of diet intentions fail in late afternoon and evening because dieters fall for certain traps that sabotage success,” Dr. Griesel said.

According to the authors, those traps include:

1. Traditional diet and exercise advice that is all wrong.

2. Motivation that is misdirected. The choice needs to be: Which do I value more? A chocolate bar now or a longer and healthier life with my family?

3. Eating when we are really thirsty.

4. Burning the candle too late, is counter productive to fat burning. A good night’s sleep burns fat and keeps us from eating.

5. Dieting and aerobic exercising together reduce calories, so primitive starvation-survival mechanisms kick in making the brain scream for food.

6. Boredom.

7. Hanging out with an overeating, unimaginative crowd.

8. Manufacturers make foods addictive by using sugar/fat/salt combos.

9. Manufacturers make foods addictive with chemicals and preservatives.

10. Commercials could make anyone hungry.

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