Know. Better.

Holidays. Perspective. Nourishment. Throwback. Strength. Creativity. Moment. Game. Mornings. Power. Gym Partner. Fans. Travel Buddy. Accessory. Training. Track. Balance. Endurance. View. :). Mile. Share. Path. Nutrition. Break. :). Ride.

Know. Better. Water.

Great tasting high alkaline artesian water

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At evamor, we believe in a better water. As not all bottled waters are the same, we challenge you to rethink and redefine your choices when it comes to water. evamor is an alkaline artesian water, alive with mineral goodness that helps bring balance to your diet.

evamor Water Bottle.
  • Better Water Starts At The Source

    Perfected over thousands of years in a rare protected alkaline aquifer, evamor is rich in minerals and natural electrolytes. Since we start with something so perfect, our job is easy: We simply capture it into a bottle and deliver it to a store near you.

  • Naturally pHenomenal

    We don’t mess with perfection. We just bottle it. Nothing added. Nothing removed. Just great tasting artesian water, naturally 8.8 in pH; rich in alkalinity, electrolytes, and mineral goodness.

  • It’s Inside The Bottle That Counts

    Flashy bottle? Fancy label? A celebrity to hold it? We know better. At evamor, we believe it’s what’s inside the bottle that really counts.

  • Sip Towards a Better You

    We believe a better you...starts with a better water. Take a sip in the right direction and harness the power of alkalinity and minerals to balance your diet and your life.

  • Great Taste And So Much More

    evamor’s great taste comes from its all natural mineral composition. It’s decidedly smooth. No harsh filters used. Nothing added or removed. In fact, it tastes the way water should: clean and refreshing.

Know. Better. Life.

At evamor, we are all about YOU. We love sharing people triumphs, success, stories, and moments. Water is life, and we love being a part of the journey. Share your #KnowBetterMoment, and check out what our other #KnowBetterFans are up to.

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Know. Better. Live.

Know. Better. Brigade.

Our team of experts and gurus.

United in Know Better, we seek out innovators who share our ideals and values in the pursuit of making a difference in their respective fields...with evamor by their side. Meet some of the people in our Know. Better. Brigade., and learn more about why we think they make a difference.

Becky Fos

Know. Better. Creativity.

Brandt Quick

Know. Better. Fitness.

Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram

Know. Better. Nutrition.

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